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Paterva is a South African company with it’s roots in the information security industry. It’s main business is that of developing information gathering tools and information gathering services.


Forest Sense is a remote sensing and GIS company, specialising in the development of quantitative remote sensing processing chains.


SCSGi provides data, knowledge and information derived from open sources for a wide range of applications. The products and services have a basic foundation derived from space-based assets capable of providing high resolution, day / night, all-weather surveillance worldwide.

SCS Global Information (Pty) Ltd. is an authorized reseller of
Pinkmatter Solutions’ FarEarth Product Suite.

blue on white logo SOUTHERN MAPPING

Southern Mapping Company and Southern Mapping GEOspatial. Leaders in Aerial Surveying and Airborne Remote Sensing.




Zodiac Aerospace is a French aerospace group founded in 1896 that supplies systems and equipment for aircraft.


Soletop Co., Ltd. is an authorized systems integrator for the FarEarth Product Suite.

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