FarEarth Change Monitor

Making change monitoring easy

The FarEarth Change Monitor is an end-to-end service for monitoring areas of interest using earth observation data. Whether you need to monitor mining areas, loading docks, forests, settlements or construction stability, the FarEarth Change Monitor service will alert you of any relevant changes over your area of interest and present them in an interactive analysis platform on the web.


Easy-to use online




Stability monitoring, surface movement

Operations planning,

production analysis

Accurate heap

 volume calculations

Subscription Service

By tasking or using a variety of satellites like TerraSAR-X, SPOT, Pleiades, Sentinel and Landsat, the Change Monitor service can create:

  • Digital elevation models and elevation change

  • Contours and breaklines

  • Volume and volume change reports (for stack and heap monitoring)

  • Surface movement models (for subsidence and slope stability monitoring)

  • Settlement maps, dwelling counts and settlement expansion reports

  • Encroachment warnings

  • Vegetation and plant phenology analyses

  • Land cover change

  • Forest change reports and deforestation warnings

An intuitive web interface allows you to build your own reports and explore the results and get the answers you need, simply by drawing shapes on your screen.

Easy-to-use Web Interface


Visual Change Detection


Dwelling counts and Encroachment

  • Measurement of Sustaiable Development Goals (SDG)

  • Track encroachment and illegal or dangerous settlements

  • Track changes and trends with regards to settlement expansion


Surface movement monitoring

  • Monitor surface movement for stability monitoring and subsidence

  • Measure displacement of less than a centimeter

Volumes and elevations

  • ​Up-to-date high resolution stereoscopic satellite imagery

  • Advanced photogrammetry techniques

  • Detailed and accurate elevation model

  • Side profiles and heap volumes of arbitrary areas through online interface

  • Compare changes through time

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