FarEarth Product Suite

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FarEarth Direct Broadcast

The FarEarth Direct Broadcast solution has been designed for easy integration with most antenna and demodulator systems, to provide real-time telemetry data of the most popular freely accessible earth observation sensors, and to expose the plethora of products generated in an easy to use all-on-one package.


FarEarth Observer

FarEarth Observer is a moving window system that provides real-time monitoring and visualization of received satellite passes. A live view is provided to users via the web.


FarEarth FireBox

FireBox is an all-in-one solution for active fire monitoring and alerting using direct satellite reception. FireBox includes all the necessary software to schedule and command receiving station assets, extract fire events in real-time, generate alerts and catalogue historic fires.


FarEarth Geoportal

The FarEarth Geoportal is part of the FarEarth Suite of multi-mission data management products for earth observation. It allows an organisation to store and organise its geospatial data efficiently across multiple storage areas or in the cloud. A web-based browser interface allows the end user to easily search, view and analyse imagery on the fly.

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FarEarth Processing Management System

The FarEarth Processing and Archiving System is aimed at receiving stations, surveyors, mapping agencies and organizations that process and archive remote sensing data. The FarEarth Multi-Mission Processing and Automation System provides end-to-end automation of an organization’s production workflows from online customer order to final online or offline delivery

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FarEarth Monitoring and Control

The FarEarth Monitoring and Control software is a capable and flexibly system for satellite uplink and downlink scheduling and antenna and equipment control.

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FarEarth for SmallSats

Pinkmatter brings you an integrated yet modular turnkey ground segment software system for small satellite payload data. FarEarth for SmallSats is a fully integrated and automated system with modules for antenna scheduling, ground station control, sensor modelling and image correction, payload data archiving and cataloging and payload data exploitation.