Airbus Stack Insight

Making volume and change monitoring easy

\Stack Insight is an easy and affordable way to continuously monitor volume, vegetation and surface
water changes on a mine. The easy-to-use, interactive online interface highlights changes over
time, and assists with operations planning, production analysis and rehabilitation monitoring.


Easy and affordable

Continuous monitoring

Easy-to use online


Detailed elevation models and contours

Operations planning,

production analysis

Accurate heap volume calculations

Subscription Service

Satellite imagery is acquired over the desired area and processed automatically. Within 48 hours the image is available in the online portal for the user to view and analyse.

Key benefits include:

  • Up to date 50cm resolution imagery

  • Remote monitoring requires no physical presence, which saves time and minimises risk

  • Cloud-based subscription service with no specialised software

  • On demand volume calculations

Easy-to-use Web Interface


Visual Change Detection


Surface Water

Easily generate reports highlighting the increase and decrease of surface water.

  • Water run-off

  • Water bodies

  • Tailings dams



Stack Insight includes a vegetation overlay that highlights any vegetation gains or losses.

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Rehabilitation Monitoring

  • Plant phenology

Change Detection

Stacks Insight's surface activity overlay highlights surface disturbance, such as:

  • Road works

  • Vehicle movements

  • General mining activity

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