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Pinkmatter is a leading Earth Observation software company servicing the global market, with offices located in South Africa, Canada and Germany.


Founded in 2002, the company has specialised in the design and deployment of satellite ground station software as well as the development of innovative information extraction algorithms relating to a range of Earth Observation data. Prominent space and remote sensing agencies in Europe, North-America, Asia, Africa and Australia rely on FarEarth software for their daily operations.

Our ground station and data management software, the FarEarth software suite, is specifically designed to be mission and hardware agnostic. It encompasses antenna and satellite downlink scheduling, real-time high volume data processing and image streaming, as well as large data archiving and cataloguing.


Pinkmatter is recognised as a leader in the development of real-time processing and information extraction algorithms, delivering time critical warnings and event notifications derived from the on-the-fly analysis of multi-source earth observation data.



We also offer automated services for the processing and visualisation of earth observation imagery, including very high resolution elevation models, encroachment detection, feature counts, vegetation analysis as well as flood and fire monitoring.


Most recently, we provide world-class antenna hosting facilities at our favourably located site near Pretoria, South Africa.

What we do

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FarEarth Change Monitor Service

The FarEarth Change Monitor is an end-to-end service for monitoring areas of interest using earth observation data. Whether you need to monitor mining areas, loading docks, forests, settlements or construction stability, the FarEarth Change Monitor service will alert you of any relevant changes over your area of interest and present them in an interactive analysis platform on the web.

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Airbus Stack Insight

Stack Insight is an easy and affordable subscription service to continuously monitor mining areas. The easy-to-use, interactive online interface highlights changes over time, and assists with operations planning, production analysis and rehabilitation monitoring.

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FarEarth Product Suite

The FarEarth product suite is aimed at satellite ground receiving stations and organizations that acquire, process, archive and analyse remote sensing data.

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Real-time Global Observer

Pinkmatter's FarEarth Global Observer presents a live view of Landsat, MODIS and SUOMI NPP imagery as it is downlinked by ground-stations around the world. Real-time data is received, decoded and displayed within seconds of the satellite imaging an area.

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Antenna Hosting

After managing various ground stations for our partners remotely, Pinkmatter now offers antenna hosting at their new site outside Pretoria, South Africa.

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How to reach us

Pinkmatter Africa

Boschkop Road
South Africa


Pinkmatter America

2885 Ashley Road
Victoria, BC, V9A 2S9


Pinkmatter Europe

Torstraße 154
10115 Berlin


+27 12 998 3492


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